The Body Scan


I first had trouble swallowing a year ago. Now the lump I couldn’t swallow is swallowing me. When it was the size of a pea, I sought out my doctor, who sent me to a prestigious fellow proficient in excising pea-sized lumps. By the time the fellow returned from vacation, my pea was the size of an almond, which was larger than his proficiency. Instead, he referred me to a renowned practitioner in New York, who was away in Paris practicing, but who would see me when he returned. By the time he did, my almond was the size of a walnut.

And so a race ensued between the size of the lump in my throat and the stature of the doctors who were available to treat it. In the end the lump won.”

—From the beginning of ‘Grant Speaks’ by Ev Earlich, Warner Books.

Although no single test can detect every possible abnormality which can occur in your body, a whole body scan coupled with regular doctor visits can be a great health maintenance tool! Our most popular test, in addition to the Heart Scan, the Lung Scan and Bone Density test for Osteoporosis Screening, the Whole Body Scan also includes a CT Scan of your Abdomen and Pelvis, allowing us to examine your kidneys, liver, gallbladder, spleen and prostate in men or uterus and ovaries in women. Screening the abdomen allows us to detect liver tumors, kidney tumors, aneurysms and abnormalities of the prostate or ovaries. A partial list on conditions detectable with the whole body scan includes:

Lung Cancer – Emphysema – Bronchitis – Fluid in the Lungs

Coronary Arteriosclerosis – Aneurysms of Aorta

Liver Cancer and Growths – Gall Stones – Kidney Stones

Kidney Cancer and other masses – Pancreatic Cancer

Adrenal Tumors – Ovarian Masses – Uterine Masses

Bladder Tumors – Spinal Problems – Osteoporosis

A Whole Body EBT Scan requires no special preparation. You stay fully clothed for the exam which takes only about 15 minutes to complete. No shots or needles are involved. You simply lie down on your back, hold your breath for a few seconds while the images are taken, and within minutes, you can see the results yourself on the screen. After your scan, our board certified physician reviews your scan images with you and a written report is mailed to you within 5-7 days.

Body Scan Pricing:

Full Body Scan: $895

Full Body Scan & Colonoscopy Combo: $1,700

Patient Note: The $895 price represents a tremendous value, if each component of the Body Scan was purchased separately at your local hospital or imaging center, your total charge would be over $2,500!