Heart Scan: $450

EBT heart examination with coronary calcium score, interpretation and comprehensive report. Radiologist review of chest images. Reports mailed to patient and physician if requested.

Lung Scan: $400

High resolution, low dose EBT lung scan, radiologist interpretation. Reports to patient and physician with follow-up recommendations.

Heart + Lung Scan Special: $650


Body Scan Plus Personal Review: $895

EBT heart scan, EBT lung scan, EBT abdomen/pelvis scans and qCT bone density with radiologist report. Includes personal review of scan images with our health professional.

Body Scan Basic: $795

EBT heart scan, EBT lung scan, EBT abdomen/pelvis scans and qCT bone density with radiologist report. Without personal review of scan images.

Virtual Colonoscopy: $950

EBT abdomen & pelvis scans with “fly through colon imaging”, examination of complete colon surface for polyps, cancer, etc. Radiologic reports. Referrals to gastroenterologist if requested. Requires preparation and air insufflation.

Body + Colon Scan: $1,700


QCT Bone Scan: $199

EBT lumbar spine scan to measure trabecular bone density.

Add on a Bone Scan to any above package for only $99!

CT Coronary Angiography

CALL *Traditional CT Scans Also Performed Special CT Scans Available: 3-D Virtual Arteriography of the carotid vessels, base of the brain (Circle of Willis), aorta, renal and femoral vasculature. Virtual Bronchoscopy (4-D CineImages) and 3-D bronchial imaging. 3-D Orthopedic Images of the skeletal system. Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) scanning is not a replacement for a comprehensive exam by your physician. EBT imaging does not necessarily give the same information as conventional diagnostic CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine or MRI imaging. EBT does not always detect blood or immune diseases, metabolic or hormonal disorders, or conditions best detected by blood testing, careful history taking, and physician examination.


Gift Certificates:

All scans offered by Advanced Body Scan of Newport may be purchased as gift certificates. What better way to show someone you care. Gift certificates may purchased at our center or over the phone. If you would like more information about purchasing a gift certificate for a loved one, click on ‘Contact Us’ on the top of this page.

Discount Programs:

Advanced Body Scan of Newport offers both Consumer and Corporate Discount Programs. Consumer Program At any given time, Advanced Body Scan of Newport may offer a discount on the retail price of a scan. Please give us a call to find the most current program available. We are currently running a web special when two people purchase their full body scans together (spouses, partners, friends, relatives or business associates, must be scheduled for the same day/time) the second body scan is $100 off for a total of $1,690.00. Corporate Program Coronary Heart Disease is the leading cause of premature, permanent disability in the U.S. labor force, accounting for 20 percent of disability allowances by the Social Security Administration. The American Heart Association estimate of the total cost of cardiovascular disease for 2003 was $352 billion — more than half that amount, nearly $200 billion, will be attributable to coronary artery disease alone. Approximately 35 percent of that will be direct medical expenses. The remaining cost $120 billion will result from the indirect impact of lost productivity, morbidity and mortality on businesses and families. If you think you and your company are already paying too much for health care premiums, think what an employee population at a high risk for heart attacks or lung cancer could do to your rates. Advanced Body Scan of Newport’s Corporate Programs are designed to help keep employees and executives healthy and on the job. If your company is considering purchasing 5 or more scans, than one of our corporate programs would make sense for you.

Method of Payment:

We accept cash, check, or any of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payment for services is due at time of service. Coverage is insurance carrier specific; however, most medical insurers do not elect to pay for preventative diagnostic studies. Our sales staff will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. cc_visacc_mccc_amexcc_disc