A EBT Body Scan images the body from just below the neck down to the pelvis. This allow us to image your lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, along with the organs of your upper pelvis including the bladder and uterus or prostate along with the bones of the back. A bone density determination is also performed during this exam. The organs above the neck including the brain and/or carotid arteries are not included in the EBT Body Scan. The colon is not imaged during a Body Scan but can be imaged in a separate exam, the Virtual Colonoscopy. The breasts are also not imaged well with a Body Scan and the EBT Body Scan is not a substitute for a mammogram.

Appointments are usually available within a week.

No special preparation is necessary for the EBT Body Scan. You may be asked to remove any metallic objects you may be wearing in the torso area, including shirts with metal buttons or snaps, and bras with wires or metal closures.

The EBT Body Scan is painless and comfortable. No needles or dyes are necessary, and you will not have to undress. We will place three EKG electrodes on you while you recline on the table. You will be asked to hold your breath a few times. The entire scan takes only 15 minutes and then you are done.
Generally, all men over the age of 35 and women over the age of 45 are candidates for a body scan. You are a candidate for an EBT Body Scan at a younger age if you have a family history of premature heart disease, have diabetes or high blood pressure or you are a smoker.
After your Body Scan, you will meet with a qualified healthcare professional who will show you the images of the your body and give you your Coronary Calcium Score report and Bone Density report. The images of your body will then be sent to our radiologist for further review. The radiologists report of your Body Scan will then mailed to you. Copies of your results may also be sent to your physician, if desired.
As a general rule, your health insurance policy excludes coverage for preventative health screening examinations such as the EBT body scan in otherwise healthy adults, and these insurance policies do not reimburse the cost of the EBT body scan. With few exceptions (bone density testing, mammograms, PAP smears and colon cancer screening), Medicare does not pay for screening examinations. If you have a FLEX plan through your employer, you should be able to use your FLEX benefit to pay for your body scan. If your physician refers you for your body scan and you obtain pre-authorization from your health plan for your scan, Advanced Body Scan of Newport will submit a claim to your health insurance company on your behalf. You will be responsible for all co-pay’s and deductibles that apply. Advanced Body Scan of Newport is not a network provider for any managed care plan so out of network fee’s also apply. Our office manager will be happy to answer any questions and assist you with your FLEX benefit application.


Insurance reimbursement and the EBT heat scan is discussed on the EBT Heart Scan: FAQ page.

We are hopeful that in time, the insurance companies will come to understand and value the preventative services we are now able to provide. We believe that early detection of heart disease, osteoporosis or cancer can lead to earlier, more effective treatment and longer, healthier lives.

Plan on spending approximately 1 hour at Advanced Body Scan of Newport for your body scan, this includes time for your registration, set-up, scan and consultation with our health professional.

Absolutely, all test results are keep strictly confidential and will not be released to any third party without your written request. A copy of our Privacy Practices is available for review: Privacy Practices of Advanced Body Scan of Newport.
Unfortunately, there is a 300 lb weight limit on the scanner, so we are unable to scan people over 300 lbs.
Yes it is. Many national talk shows, news programs, magazines and publications have reported on the live saving experiences of EBT Scanning. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Tech TV, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Television Networks as well as dozens of other media outlets have also favorably covered EBT.
This is still expensive, cutting edge technology. In the last year or so, there has been an explosion in the number of EBT Scanners across the country. However, the first places to truly embrace this technology were some of the leading medical and research centers in the country such as Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, UC Davis, Walter Reed Hospital and The Cooper Clinic.

Body Scan Pricing:

Full Body Scan: $895

Full Body Scan & Colonoscopy Combo: $1,700

Patient Note: The $895 price represents a tremendous value, if each component of the Body Scan was purchased separately at your local hospital or imaging center, your total charge would be over $2,500!